Video: Arab Stabs Two Haredim in Jerusalem, Runs

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Eze 33:6 ‘But if the watchman sees the sword coming and shall not blow the ram’s horn, and the people shall not be warned, and the sword comes and takes any being from among them, he is taken away in his crookedness, and his blood I require at the watchman’s hand.’

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Jerusalem Sivan 21, 5775 / Monday, June 08, 2015

Yaʽaqoḇ 1:1 Yaʽaqoḇ, a servant of Elohim and of the Master יהושע Messiah, to the twelve tribes who are in the dispersion: Greetings.

Isa 48:20  “Come out of Baḇel! Flee from the Chaldeans (Muslims)! Declare this with a voice of singing, proclaim it, send it out to the end of the earth! Say, ‘יהוה has redeemed His servant Yaʽaqoḇ!’ ”

It happen so many times!

Video: Arab Stabs Two Haredim in Jerusalem, Runs

Source click: Arutz Sheva

Security cam footage from incident on Shavuot Eve is released. Two Jews walking to Western Wall were stabbed, attacker arrested.

By Gil Ronen

Security cam footage from a Jerusalem terror attack that took place ten days ago on May 24, Shavuot Eve, has been released for publication.

Click on the image below to play it.

Chaldean knife

The attack took place as a group of Jews was walking to the Western Wall. An Arab came up on them from behind and stabbed two Jews, in the back and chest. They suffered moderate injuries.

The suspected attacker, 20-year-old John Kakaish who is a resident of the Old City, has been arrested.

Source click: Arutz Sheva

Remember always by whatever you study,
Deu 30:10 if you obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim (The Voice of the Messenger of His Presence), to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah, if you (that is!) turn back to יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

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Please if you are called by Messiah Ben Yoseph and accept His Divine Mandate, Devarim 30: 1-10 come and unite with us, Bait Ya’acob, and let we together build that Mighty Nation from ***the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.***

Messiah Ben Yoseph said:
Mat 10:6 but rather go to ***the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.***
Mat 15:24 And He answering, said, “I was not sent except to ***the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.”***
Mat 18:11 “For the Son of Aḏam has come ***to save what was lost.***
Luk 19:10 “For the Son of Aḏam has come to seek and ***to save what was lost.”
Joh 18:7-9 Once more He asked them, “Whom do you seek?” And they said, “יהושע of Natsareth.”
8 יהושע answered, “I said to you that I am. If, then, you seek Me, allow these to go,”
9 in order that the word might be filled which He spoke, ***“Of those whom You have given Me, I have lost none.”***

Rabbi Shaul and the other writers of The HaBerith HaChadashah Scriptures are really calling out to ALL the seed, sons, of Ya’acob Avinu:
Rom 9:25-27 As He says in Hoshĕa too, “I shall call them My people, who were not My people, and her beloved, who was not beloved.”
26 “And it shall be in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ there they shall be called sons of the living Elohim.”
27 And Yeshayahu cries out on behalf of Yisra’ĕl, “Though the number of the children of Yisra’ĕl be as the sand of the sea, the remnant shall be saved.

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